Growth for Eadon Consulting

Eadon Consulting expand their space and their team at AMP Technology Centre

Independent engineering and design consultancy Eadon Consulting were established in 2009 by a team who’d previously worked together at a design consultancy. When their employer was bought out by a large multinational, the desire to get back to grassroots and a personalised design service drove the inception of Eadon. Based in South Yorkshire, Eadon has built a world class reputation and service enabling a year-on-year growth plan which has resulted in a £2 million turnover business. 

When newly formed Eadon Consulting didn’t invest in a workspace straight away, as Director and Senior Design Engineer Michael Thorogood explains. “We worked from home before it became part of modern working practice. It was 2009 and we managed to make it work for us, but it wasn’t ideal; the technology and the tools that are so commonplace today just didn’t exist. It was before Teams, before instant chat, before screen sharing. When we wanted to let someone see the document we were talking about on a call, we’d have to take a photo of it and email it over for the other person to open and see!” 

After six months the team moved into their first office space. Beyond the lack of technology to support homeworking, there was another driving force for the move, as Michael recalls. “Not being able to get together in one space and work stuff out was a problem. Nothing can beat in-person working when it comes to knowledge transfer, creativity and collaboration. It can still be a problem now, despite all the advances that have been made, which is why we still choose to work together from one office when, let’s face it, there are many more options.”   

Eadon Consulting moved into AMP Technology Centre in September 2009. They wanted an accessible and well-connected professional space from which to grow their team, allowing them to attract and manage employees and host client meetings. Being part of a sector-specific innovation community was also important to the team’s growth strategy as they continued to build their reputation through global advanced manufacturing and engineering projects. 

A few months after moving into AMP Technology Centre, Eadon Consulting hired their first employee, an engineer from Sheffield. The business now employs over 30 people and works on projects that include flood defence, moving structures, nuclear handling, decommissioning equipment, waterways and more.  

A regular contributor to Innovate UK competition calls, the team invests heavily in partnerships and research and development, constantly striving to solve market challenges through innovative solutions.  

Since moving to the AMP Technology Centre, Eadon Consulting has benefited greatly from the workspace’s flexible approach to supporting occupiers. Michael said: “We’ve moved offices within AMP Technology Centre more times than I can remember! We started with an office that is smaller than our current meeting room. Then we moved to an 8-person office. And we are just about to move again. One of the most appealing features of AMP Technology Centre is the flexibility; you can give 30 days notice and move onto another space, which means that the space can flex with the changing needs of the business. The centre team are great and as long as you maintain a really simple hot desking policy, the move itself is painless.”  

Eadon are always on the lookout for talented people, and with regular recruitment drives to ensure controlled growth they welcome speculative applications from engineers and support staff all year round. If you want to learn more about the business, projects, employment or training opportunities, visit: 

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