Bryt Energy Storage

Bryt Energy Storage is part of Bryt Energy, the new zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity supply and energy services company for UK business. We’re majority owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable generator.

We specialise in helping organisations of all sizes to optimise their electricity usage by working in sync with them to develop right fit self-generation, storage, battery tariff and optimisation solutions.

Our storage team has experience of trialling different battery chemistries and operating systems in order to maximise value streams for customers. Combined with Statkraft’s global expertise in energy trading, as well as management and optimisation of generation assets, we’re in a unique position to access all revenue streams within the value chain.

And we’re tried and tested – we’ve already achieved considerable success in completing end to end energy storage installations across large commercial sites in the UK and Germany, realising all potential revenue streams through a Virtual Power Plant.

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