Runflat Systems

“Runflat Systems Ltd (RFS) was formed 5 years ago to research and develop new concepts in the field of runflat systems and runflat technology for wheeled vehicles. Innovation has been concentrated on a ground breaking concept for a combined runflat system with integrated ‘beadlock’ hitherto believed impossible to achieve or be fitted within the normal (single-piece) wheel. Prototypes have been made and the concept has been proven.

Working in conjunction with Performance Engineered Solutions Ltd, RFS continues to develop the concept through to a production model specifically for its test partner Volvo Special Vehicle Operations following a direct requirement from the British Ministry of Defence. In parallel with this development RFS will develop special tooling in conjunction with its main component supplier Materialise Ltd at their AMP Technology Centre base.

Design and development will continue through a range of sizes and types of runflat systems covering all types of vehicle including off-road and heavy trucks. Future projects may include systems for motorcycles and aircraft.”

Run Flat Systems Ltd will introduce its new disruptive technology to the world ‘Runflat’ market during 2016 with its Runflat CBR . . . the first system ever to provide all-tyres-down drivability on the normal wheel.

Runflat CBR revolutionises runflat performance and it is expected that a new NATO Finabel specification will be written as a result of the new capabilities now available to governmental fleets (Home Office), VIPs (armoured limousines), Embassy, Police, security and military vehicles.


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